Medal of Honor assaults Europe

EA's new WWII shooter exploded in our exclusive interview with European Assault's executive producer

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Dan Winters: It's interesting because we have the privilege of being the grandfather of the genre. We started it and we have a lot of fans who care about Medal of Honor. It's also encouraging to see other titles do well in the marketplace because it shows people want to play World War II experiences and that we'll do well when we deliver a better game than what's there already.

We also felt we needed to move the genre forward. It's time to take what we've built and add to it, and we feel great about where we're going. The Open Battlefield is really important for that. Awarding the player his own space to create his own experience - and be his own hero - is what we're really trying to do.

So what's in the future for Medal of Honor?

Dan Winters: Honestly, I'm not sure, but World War II has so many great stories to tell. There's a unique emotional pull here - the dichotomy between the beauty of the environments and the chaos in their midst, and the sheer, haunting brutality of warfare has always been at the heart of Medal of Honor.

We will absolutely tell more stories about World War II. Whatever package we put them in, I guarantee we'll be pushing the series forward.

Medal of Honor: European Assault will be available this summer on PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

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