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Ghost Recon 2 spirits up auto-upgrade

Details of the upgrade so stealthy you won't even know it's happened

Ubisoft has announced that a new auto-update for Ghost Recon 2 on Xbox Live is quite literally sneaking onto your hard drive and storming your copy of the game as we speak.

But don't worry - it's all good. The upgrade will do all this for free:

  • Add User Interface element to indicate which players are entering and leaving lobby
  • Add User Interface element to indicate which player(s) are talking
  • Improve network stability
  • Fix a respawn issue where respawned players could get killed immediately
  • Reduce the amount of time needed to validate downloadable content
  • Address Minor sound issue with sound effects and voice over
  • Localize an error message
  • The Friend's List is easier to scroll through and use

All you need to do is start up your copy of Ghost Recon 2, sign into Live, and the update will install itself.

And as if that wasn't enough, Ubisfot is also planning a follow-up attack of downloadable content on Monday March 7. You'll be able to get three maps, two modes, eight weapons and two skins when this little bundle goes live.