Resident Evil resurrected - Resi 5 confirmed!

Grab your boomstick and say your prayers - the evil's coming back

Resident Evil 5 is in the early stages of development at Capcom, according to Resi 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

"We are going to do a RE5, of course, but as for exactly what it will be like, that's what we're busy thinking about right now" says Kobayashi-san in the new issue of US games mag Electronic Gaming Monthly.

As is often the case with these early announcements all the meaty information is scarcer than brain pie at a zombie feast. There's no word on release date or formats, although the timing would suggest next-gen consoles are a dead cert.

But Kobayashi-san did discuss the plot angle Capcom will take. "It's safe to say that RE5 will naturally proceed where RE4 left off. The first four games-1,2,3 and CV, were more or less the story of Umbrella. RE4 takes place six years after those games, and Umbrella's been completely destroyed; this is the start of a new story line, in other words."

It seems Resi 5 will continue the fresh plot threads spun in Resi 4 - namely the resurgence of an ancient parasite far more deadly than the T-Virus. Kobayashi-san pointed to the ending of Resi 4 as holding some clues for the next game in the series. "If you play through everything RE4 has to offer, I think you will get a taste of how this progression will work. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination."

With the March 18 European release of Resident Evil 4 lumbering relentlessly towards us this is fantastic news for fans of the series. The changes Capcom has made to the series' long-standing roots are as brave as they are terrifyingly effective, so we're absolutely messing ourselves at the prospect of an even better Resi game.

We'll eat a zombie turd if Capcom doesn't reveal more info about Resi 5 at E3 in May, but before then we'll have the blood-soaked definitive verdict on Resident Evil 4 very soon. Don't miss it for your life...