City of Heroes players get golden ticket to villainous beta

Dedicated players suited in spandex rewarded with 'top priority' status for access to upcoming City of Villains beta

NCsoft Europe has revealed that dedicated City of Heroes fans will be given loving, caressing, top priority treatment when it comes to securing qualification into the European beta test of the MMORPG's forthcoming expansion City of Villains.

In order to tread the MMORPG red carpet, superhero fanatics must have signed up for a European City of Heroes account in the month following the European launch (February 4, 2005, to March 4, 2005) and have been a subscriber for a minimum of six months by the time the beta kicks off. If you meet the criteria, then you're guaranteed a place in the City of Villains European Beta.

And if you're more of a late-comer to the superhero MMORPG (i.e. you signed up for an account during March 5 to March 31 and have pre-paid or have been subscribed to the game for at least six months by the time Beta starts), then according to NCsoft Europe you'll "receive the next level of priority consideration for the beta testing program".

No confirmation on the kick off date for the European City of Villains beta yet, but in the meantime we're told: "keep up the fight against crime and we'll see you in Paragon City...".

City of Villains will finally allow players to slip on the mask of evil - mwahahahahaha - in Cryptic Studio's MMORPG and assume the role of super-powered villains - which involves showdowns with superheroes and generally being a menace to society while scheming your way to world domination.

Should you require more info on City of Villains, or indeed on City of Heroes, then fly up, up and away to the game's official European website.