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Lumines lighting up European PSPs - new screens

Thank the sweet Lord of the dance for that - Ubisoft confirms Mizuguchi's eardrum-thumping PSP puzzler will get Euro release!

Ubisoft has announced that the Tetsuya Mizuguchi-created PSP puzzler Lumines will be seeing the light of day in Europe and will line up alongside the handheld when it launches on this continent.

It's great news - Ubisoft had already announced that it planned to distribute the unique musical puzzle game in the US, but we were left hanging when we inquired as to a European release last month.

Lumines, which comes direct from the brain of gaming genius and Rez-creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi (who has, incidentally, just signed up with Microsoft to create Xbox 2 exclusive games), is a Tetris-style puzzle game that rewards your skill with layers of sound.


As you clear more blocks from the screen the soundtrack builds to a thundering techno crescendo until you're standing on a seat punching your arms in the air. On the bus. With everyone looking at you.

Trust us, it's a singularly uplifting experience. The tunes are thumping trance tracks and plinky J-pop ditties that suit the style of the game perfectly, and if you play it with the earphones in you'll find yourself getting lost in music.

You'll even be able to play wireless multiplayer against a pal. The European version will also come with the same bonus features the US is getting: quicker loading time and new skins.

Check out our new screens - we know they're not too exciting, but for the true effect put on some hardcore techno like, oooh, The Vengaboys or something, turn it up loud, drink too much Sunny Delight and then stare at the screen like you've got unblinking laser eyes. That should do it.