GDC 05: 50 Cent Bulletproof first shots!

You'll find him in the club - 50 Cent ready to put a cap in your ass

In a deal announced just days ago, Vivendi has signed up Hip-Hop phenomenon and all around bad ass 50 Cent to star in a brand new crime oriented game and we've captured the first shots from GDC.

Although 50 Cent Bulletproof as the game's now known is only being shown in movie reel form, the intro itself looks extremely promising with bad boy 50 storming a penthouse suite to dispatch gangsta types with extreme and unnecessary prejudice.

Whether it's blasting away with Uzis, breaking out the favoured 9mm or dispatching cleaver- wielding bad guys with a shotgun, 50 certainly has the street mean down to a tee, especially when he dispatches the boss guy with a cap right between the eyes, to the accompaniment of his very own pounding track, Piggy Back.


You've got to take your hat off to any man who gets shot multiple times and then survives to sing about it, but 50 apparently has this to say about proceedings: "In everything I do, I play to win, I'm out to destroy the competition and my video game is no different. It's a fantasy version of my life. I plan to shake up the video game world like I did the rap world - I'm pulling no punches with my game."

We'll have more on the 50 game as details emerge but first screens from Bulletproof are presented here for your delectation sucka.