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The Godfather

No, we're not travelling down the oft-trodden path of 'EA is going to make us an offer we can't refuse' punnage. For this is not so much about EA, but about being able to live out the most iconic gangster film the world has ever seen. Godfather is coming to Xbox, so if you see oranges anywhere nearby, dive under a table right now and stay there for a good half hour.

Set in New York during the '40s and '50s, we'll be playing one of Don Corleone's distant relatives who, under the orders of Cottonwool-Mouth himself, must take control of Little Italy. He's a little cocksure, a little too ambitious, and a little bit 'Tommy Vercetti' as well.


Played very much as a GTA-style free-roamer, Godfather won't be quite so forgiving of our mistakes. You annoy the Don, there are going to be serious repercussions. People we'll encounter won't just be your usual dumb NPCs. If you're going to kick an innocent bystander to death la Vice City, this time people will know who you are, and remember your actions. Bad hits could result in revenge attacks, which could lead to Little Italy becoming the battleground of a fierce turf war. No, we're going to have to think like a gangster and enter into a little 'forced persuasion' on those we deem 'dispensable'. And just remember, the Family comes before everything else. Do a Fredo and we'll soon know about it.

Simple threats are all well and good to scare the Family's enemies, but how about getting the butcher on the payroll? The cleaver certainly has the right persuasive personality we'll need. And what about the local barber? Not only will he supply gossip and provide a dapper slick-back job to impress the molls, but with a cut-throat razor pressed to his windpipe, the average customer might well be willing to help us in our needs too. With local people on our side, we could be looking at eventual immunity from the police and, hopefully, complete control over Little Italy. How we actually go about getting people on-side has yet to be revealed but we suspect the main screenshot (above) might be a hint.

Interestingly, this will only be EA's second step into the more mature-rated game (Def Jam Fight For New York - before that), and with similar titles such as the afore-mentioned GTA having already courted mature ratings, it will be interesting to see in which area EA chooses to push the title. Rather than 'doing a Godfather III', we hope it sticks to the source material that made the first two films such iconic movies. We need epic storytelling, compelling characterisation, and a game that's a lot more than a GTA done with a film licence. All on a thin and crispy overbaked base, of course.