NBA Street V3

How do you make a game that originated on the streets that bit more, well, street? We don't know, but EA Big has made a damn good effort. Action is a refreshingly simple scaled down version of the game proper, with teams of three 'ballers facing off against each other. The arcade-style gameplay is focused solely on scoring points, and lots of them. Showboating is a necessity rather than an ego-fulfilling aside and individual players can perform simple feints and finger rolls by rotating the Right thumbstick.

Passing is just as important as shooting, as amassing point totals fills the Gamebreaker bar. Hold the Right trigger as you pop a pass or dance into the D for a dunk, and your player will perform an NBA Jam-style spectacle. The downside of this is that any skill associated with shooting is removed; simply fire one off from anywhere near the basket and it's guaranteed to go in. Larger points totals are awarded for stringing moves together, though when paired with trying to pull off enhanced turbo moves with the L and R triggers, this is tricky.


Tackling is easier than other NBA titles around, with your player ungainly lunging in to an opponent and as a result the game favours fast, flowing, attacking gameplay, where keeping possession means passing almost as soon as you receive it.

There's also a character creation feature and a massively detailed court editor. Street Points are the key to earning all the best hoops, amassed through the sometimes tough Career mode. Dunk Contests are fun side games, where players can use courtside props to get extra height and score points during their stylish slams. Street V3 doesn't innovate the sport the way MJ's first Air sneaks did back in 1979, but for a fun trip downtown, che-che-check it out, as the (playable characters) Beastie Boys would say.>

The verdict

Fun and deceptively deep. Lace up your freshest sneaks for an impressive career mode and rollicking multiplayer.

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