Stop, look and listen for these new Animal Crossing DS screens

It's potentially the most innovative DS game yet - look at it and dream

It's not hyperbole when we say that Animal Crossing DS could be the most innovative and important game on DS - and one of the most innovative and important handheld games ever.

For one thing Nintendo president Satoru Iwata chose the DS version of the insanely addictive real-time horde-'em-up to demonstrate how the touchscreen handheld's wi-fi online service will work. As part of his keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference yesterday (catch up here) Iwata-san spoke of how games like Animal Crossing being played over Nintendo's free online DS service could move the industry in a whole new direction.


And we're keen to believe him. Imagine forming ever-persistent village communities with people all over the world, communicating, playing and trading with each other in truly mental Animal Crossing style. It could be better than real life, especially if your real life suffers from a distinct lack of weird, cranky animals with funny voices and hidden treasure.

To tickle your fancy for this fully exciting idea we got up especially at 4.30 this morning to collect these two Animal Crossing DS screens. Enjoy.

More information about how life-draining Animal Crossing DS will be should be available soon, and the game itself's scheduled for release later this year.