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Round up Ignition's Zoo Keeper!

Ten copies of the crazily addictive DS puzzle romp up for grabs!

Zoos are fantastic, because they let us humans exercise our superiority to other living things by putting them in cages and pointing at them as they slowly lose the will to live.

The only problem is that sometimes those pesky animals get a bit too clever and start causing trouble. That's the situation in Zoo Keeper. The animals are revolting (and not just because their cages haven't been hosed out) and it's up to you to wield your stylus and dish out some animal justice.

Zoo Keeper is a ridiculously addictive little puzzle gem that began life as an internet-based Flash game. Your task as Zoo Keeper is to line up the animals (elephants, crocodiles, pandas, rabbits, lions, hippos, monkeys and giraffes) with your stylus into rows of three or more, at which point they vanish and more drop in on top. Chaining rows earns big points. It's one of those brilliantly simple games that'll make journeys - or sneaky playing sessions at work/school - fly past in an instant.


Our pals at Ignition have hooked us up with 10 copies of Zoo Keeper to give away. All you have to do is answer the question below and you could be whupping those critters back into their cages. What are zoo waiting for?