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SCi shoots up Total Overdose: first screens

El Mariachi-inspired south of the border carnage revealed just for you, homes...

Total Overdose first came to our attention as one of those mystery titles that often pop up in dull financial reports. Then in January SCi hooked us up with the first details of the game, promising John Woo and Robert Rodriguez-style action movie gunplay and tequila-fuelled excess.

Now we've received the first screens of Total Overdose - and we're hooked. Developed by Danish team Deadline Games, Total Overdose is a piņata candy-coloured third-person shooter stuffed so full of burritos and blow that it's bursting at the seams.

You play the role of Ernesto Cruz, son of a dead DEA agent who apparently took an overdose back in the day. It's up to you to track down drug overlord Papa Muerte and find out the truth behind your father's death.


Of course, that means blasting the crap out of as many goons as possible and causing as much carnage as you can in the coolest ways possible. Ernesto will be packing serious amounts of heat under the sweltering Mexico sun and Deadline promises fast-paced "freestyle" action.

With the liberty to take down your adversaries in whatever way you see fit, a distinctly adult storyline and sense of humour, and enough violence to turn a cheeky Chihuahua into a face-ripping monster mutt, comparisons with Grand Theft Auto are inevitable.

But from the screenshots and the teaser movie you can catch at Total Overdose's official website, it looks like this might just be able to add a chilli-hot twist to the recipe. Here's hoping for lots of ridiculously over-the-top gunplay and some thinly-veiled Desperado/From Dusk Till Dawn/Once Upon a Time in Mexico references...

Total Overdose is due out this summer on Xbox, PS2 and PC. More soon.