Tecmo back in the Fatal Frame

A new outing in the horror series is exposed

Tecmo's brilliant, and in our mind also underrated, horror series Fatal Frame (known as Project Zero on these shores) is snapping back into action on PS2 in Japan this summer.

New outing Fatal Frame: Zero (tentative title at this stage) has been revealed in Japanese print publication Famitsu. Retaining the series' genuinely eerie and spooky atmosphere, the title revolves around the story of young female photographer Rei Kurosawa, although it's reported that characters Kei Amakura and Miku Hinasaki (who fans will remember from the first game) will be playable too.

Disturbing events in Fatal Frame: Zero kick off when Rei Kurosawa sees her deceased boyfriend in a picture snapped during her jaunt in mansion rumoured to be haunted. Weird. And things get progressively weirder when a tattoo of a snake begins to break out over Rei's body. Ominously, the spectres that Rei battles also sport tattoos. We smell danger...

It's stated that the 'battle' will be played out in reality and nightmare realms. No real details on the 'reality' setting at this stage, but the latter is apparently experienced when Rei Kurosawa is asleep. Venturing into a mansion, she confronts ghosts and unravels mysteries.

As with previous instalments, players will employ a camera to tackle spectres and ghosts - yes it sounds naff, but trust us when we say that the series is definitely worth attention - with the camera this time around featuring a strobe light that you can use to stun ethereal beings.

It's not yet entirely clear how the experiences of the three characters will intertwine, but it's mentioned that Miku now lives life as a cameraman's assistant (so presumably assistant to Rei Kurosawa) and non-fiction author Kei Amakura is a friend of Rei Kurosawa's dead boyfriend.

No news at this stage on a US and European release for Fatal Frame: Zero, but we're certainly hoping it floats our way.