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MotoGP 3 opens up throttle in exclusive footage

It's like, gunning engines for attention

Ooh, look, first - and exclusive - footage from MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3. Impatient petrol-heads can zip straight below to download this meaty mother, but because we get paid to, among other things, write stuff, we feel obliged to stick some waffle in between...

Climax is aiming to achieve that videogame holy grail of appealing to both casual gamers and hardcore racing sim fans alike with MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3. Although opting primarily for the sim route the developer is ensuring that the sequel will also be accessible to newcomers, revealing to us recently it's decided "to go down a similar route to Gran Turismo that has the depth of a hardcore simulation, but is forgiving enough on the track to still be fun and accessible."

Marvellous, although we'll have to wait a while to discover if Climax has cracked it and hasn't botched it for the hardcore fans. Anyone hankering after further info should take a look at our recent, in-depth MotoGP 3 preview, but in brief the game boasts, on top of the series' trademark content, the likes of Extreme Mode, allowing you to take bike racing to the city and leave skid marks on the streets in this version, and extensive online options.

Incorporated into online play is Embedded Online Gameplay, the ability to transfer seamlessly from offline racing to online, as well as a Spectator Mode and Commentator mode that allows a player to give real-time commentary on online matches.

Get downloading to see what's revving its engine at Climax's HQ.

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 movie
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