Interview: Commandos strikes back

Commandos Strike Force's project lead spills the beans on the FPS spin-off from Pyro's strategy series

Back in October last year Eidos released first official details on Commandos Strike Force, Pyro Studios' FPS spin-off from its WWII tactical strategy series pitting Allied special forces against the Nazi war machine. Gone is the top-down, god-like view to be replaced by a up close and personal experience as players leap into the combat boots of the Green Beret, Sniper and Spy and employ each characters' unique skills and abilities in operations behind enemy lines.

Commandos Strike Force's project leader JosÚ Manuel GarciÓ tells us more...

Tell us how Commandos Strike Force came about then - we are all massive fans of the original game...


GarciÓ: I'm really glad you liked the PC game. From our point of view the Commandos saga was a nice challenge to many players, and we could easily talk for long hours about the different missions and the ways of solving them.

Going back to your question, I think it was the logical step after Commandos 3: Destination Berlin [on PC], which as you know, was the end of the saga. We could have added a few more things to the game in order to develop a Commandos 4, but on one hand we were not sure if that would justify a Commandos 4, and on the other hand we didn't want to be out of the console world with another strategy game. So we are very happy working on a development that will allow us to take a different perspective and also to bring the Commandos to the console world.

We found with Commandos 2 that huge amounts of patience and forward thinking were required. Will we still have to be just as patient or is the game now much more of a shooter?

GarciÓ: Commandos 2 was a huge game, and there were parts of the game where players got frustrated because of the time that was needed to fulfil certain objectives, that is true. We have learned a lot from the previous Commandos thanks to the fans. In this case, Commandos Strike Force is a different type of game; it is a shooter, and although it is not the type of shooter where you just need to care about shooting anything that moves on the screen, it will not be as hard and as difficult as the previous Commandos were.

Here, on many occasions the player will choose the pace of the game, and if he decides to do some planning, he will be rewarded. Our aim is to develop a game with many challenges, and is therefore fun to play. Also we want to reward the players that take some additional efforts or challenges. To give you an easy example of this, it will not be the same taking care of an enemy with a heavy machine-gun as with a knife, and we will acknowledge that.


What has turning the series into a first-person game allowed you to accomplish with regards to gameplay? For example, new features, new modes of play etc.?

GarciÓ: Changing to a first-person perspective has a lot of implications, but we have also changed the genre of the game. From strategy we have moved to a first-person shooter, so now we are playing in a different world. We are also using a third-person camera to show some special moments. The different modes of play will come with the different abilities of each of the Commandos.

Has the gameplay changed dramatically now the series has gone three dimensional?

GarciÓ: Yes it has, especially because we have moved from a top down strategy game to a first-person shooter. So now you will not be giving orders to your Commandos, but executing the actions with each one of them. That is going to be a big change.

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