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One game, two continents, one enormous preview...

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We also checked out a challenge at the Black Leopard's Fighting school, where you can aspire to take over the school by besting an ever increasingly difficult succession of pupils before taking on the head honcho himself. Intriguingly the BioWare rep revealed to us that this was just more a less a side quest to the full game and you wouldn't even need to touch it to complete the full article.

The final intriguing couple of snippets we discovered from play session concerned Jade's demon forms. First up, ever wondered how you'll actually gain the ability to transform into the bestial behemoths that grace some of our screens? Well for every demon form you defeat, there's a chance it'll drop some Chi that means you'll be able to absorb that form and add it to your own repertory. We also couldn't leave you without news of a first glimpse at what must be one of the ultimate demon forms, a giant and we do mean giant, Iron Golem that lays waste to all about it, but expends vast amounts of Chi to maintain. Certainly Jade's best bid for a Weapon of Mass Destruction so far.


Okay so it's been two continents, two extended play sessions, one enormous preview and several days of intermittent jetlag, but frankly it's definitely been worth the effort to get our hands on meaty portions of the Jade Empire goodness.

Jade not only looks sumptuous and plays like a dream, offering depth as well as satisfying amounts of combat, but it has BioWare's trademark attention to detail and all the expertise, accumulated knowledge and storytelling genius that re-invigorated the entire genre with Knights of the Old Republic. This is BioWare's latest and greatest with a wealth of new technology made by the premier RPG specialists in the world, playing at what looks like the height of their game and nothing we've seen will dissuade us from the opinion that Jade Empire will be the last great RPG on Xbox One. It's coming this summer - our advice? Don't miss it.

During the course of proceedings we also managed to get a cheeky chat with BioWare's good Doctor Greg Zeschuk- watch out for our full unexpurgated interview on all things Jade Empire, BioWare's newest project Dragon Age and Greg's thoughts on the new RPG frontier

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