Crash these Mario Party Advance screens

Bring your own bottle to Mario's GBA soiree. And none of that cheap rubbish from the corner shop, either

We've never been to one of Mario's parties, but we imagine it'd be pretty ropey. Everyone would be trying to get off with Peach, Bowser would be acting like a total fanny, and there would be far too many magic mushrooms doing the rounds.

Mario Party Advance on GBA, however, sounds like much more fun. The first portable version of the Cube multiplayer stalwart, MPA includes over sixty minigames and all your favourite Mario characters. Two-players can play on the same GBA or link up for some head-to-head action with special battle games, and a bunch of unlockable goodies like Compatibility Testers and Finger X-Rays should make you chuckle like a tickled meerkat.

Mario Party Advance is due out on GBA on June 24. Expect a DS version, complete with wi-fi multiplayer and touchscreen games, to really get the party started soon.