Taking a sip of the Sith...

Revenge of the Sith shots fuel Episode III GBA fever

Episode III fever is certainly starting to build up now with the recent launch of another teaser trailer for George Lucas's latest, which brings the whole Star Wars saga full circle.

Will it be great? Will it be pants? Well, we'll finally find out in May as Anakin experiments with the dark side, knocks up Amidala and goes toe-to-toe with Obi-Wan in the climactic clash which eventually spawns black-helmeted fetish favourite Darth Vader (we're not spoiling anything for you, are we?).

While other platforms are offering their take on the whole Episode III thing, GBA owners won't be neglected as Ubisoft will be dropping Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, a pleasing looking side-scroller, two weeks before the movie debuts.


With the ability to play as good egg Obi or naughty boy Anakin, it's also promising to closely follow the movie plot, offering unique insight into the storylines, a bit of RPG style progression and even co-op play via link cable.

Sounds pretty promising to us and these latest selection of shots should allow you unleash your inner Jedi. Enjoy.