Pimped up, pumped out: New Juiced screens

Another batch of neon-lit street racing screens scream out of THQ's car park

Adrenaline-fuelled embodiment of our personalised obsession with the automobile, or embarrassingly tasteless chav distraction? Whatever your view of street racing and car modding, we strongly recommend you keep an eye on Juiced.

A victim of Acclaim's disappearance last year, Juiced was taken back into developer Juice Game's garage and souped up for a re-appearance this May on PC, PS2 and Xbox. Over fifty street machines are available to modify, customise and race, with respect and gambling forming the compelling backdrop to the fast and furious driving.

We've got a ten litre engine-full of new Juiced screens and car renders for you to admire, and if you want the full spec you should definitely head to our in-depth interview with Juice Game's Richard Badger about Juiced's new and improved features.


And then - yes, there's more - you can burn your eyeballs with a new Juiced trailer right here.