EA repackages Battlefield on console

Battlefield: Modern Combat gets a '2' added to its name

In a slightly odd press release EA has announced Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the console version of the smash hit PC series. Is this a sequel to a game that has yet to be released? No. Speaking to the publisher about the announcement, we've been informed that this is the original Modern Combat title with a '2' added to its name.

We can only assume that EA has done this to ensure not-too-clued-up punters are clear that the action game has more in common with Battlefield 2 on PC rather than it being a rehash of previous incarnations in the franchise.

So then, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is due to wage war on Xbox and PS2 this autumn, the game dropping players into single-player and multiplayer modern-day combat. Single-player is described as "propaganda-fuelled", gamers battling for "both sides" in a conflict that rages in Kazakhstan. Multiplayer supports up to 24 combatants in "immense online battles".

Previously it was stated that Battlefield: Modern Combat would feature three military superpowers - the United States, the Chinese, and the newly formed Middle East Coalition - but there's no mention of this in today's announcement. Presumably that's staying the same, although it sounds as though only two of these powers may be present in single-player.

Staying true to the series, Modern Combat combines foot-soldier and vehicular combat, with 30-plus vehicles that can be commandeered. There's also over 50 state of the art weapons, so expect things to be a tad violent.