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Coded Arms shoots to kill on PSP

14 shiny new screens from Konami's VR FPS

Konami's Coded Arms on PSP is a first-person shooter that drops players into the shoes of a hacker battling for survival in a virtual reality combat training system that has, for want of a better phrase, gone tits up. New screens have been released.

Once designed to train soldiers in preparation for possible alien invasion, the virtual reality system was abandoned following the discovery of a fatal flaw and has now been overrun by virtual alien invaders, hazardous computer bugs and the system's own security bots.

Armed to the teeth (30-plus weapons are promised), the hacker must fight his way to the heart of the system...


Konami is making full use of PSP's wireless functionality with Coded Arms multiplayer, which will support up to four players. You'll be able to carry over items collected from single-player mode and use them in the multiplayer mode to defeat other players and enemies.

Coded Arms is slated for release on PSP this summer.