Destroy All Humans!

With the subtitle 'One giant step on mankind', this game is the closest you can get to 'Mars Attacks: The Game' without actually owning that film licence. But Mars Attacks was a derivative spoof of 1950s science fiction in any case, and it's that same era that Destroy All Humans! revives with modern comic twists and a very snappy game engine.

In essence, this game is GTA meets Rampage, turning the usual human versus aliens conflict on its head by pitting alien scout Crypto against the entire human (and bovine) race, in his quest to recover alien DNA from human brain cells. Obviously he's no trained brain surgeon requesting donors. Those brain stems will be sucked right out of freshly lasered bodies, as Crypto explores massive areas of America, choosing missions and mini-games (farmer shoots, jetpack races and so on) in a freeform GTA style, destruction, chaos and panic spreading in his wake.


While some missions require simple mass destruction, whether on foot, with a jetpack or in your saucer scoutship, others are stealth-based. Take on temporary human form and implant thought commands into feeble human minds around you to distract the general populace from your infiltration. Make fairground visitors perform chicken impressions or dance like monkeys to draw crowds, enabling you to sneak in to capture and probe Miss Rockwell, the small-town beauty queen. And yes, an anal probe is one of the weapon upgrades, available via your alien overlord, Pox.

The balance of varied challenges involving the tactics of stealth and panic, and the sandbox destruction that allows Crypto to simply carve up America with his upgradeable scoutship, ion detonator, hypno blast, abducto beam and quantum deconstructor, keeps gameplay constantly fresh. And the Havok physics makes lobbing cattle at barns and flipping cop cars into rivers a blast. Lock up your humans this summer!