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StarGate SG-1: The Alliance

Stargate, eh? Nope, not the 1994 Kurt Russell film about Egyptians in space (or something), but the spin-off television series that's been running for close to nine years now, is more popular than Star Wars and Star Trek combined (well, almost) and currently makes up a staple part of T4's Sunday afternoon schedule along with Smallville and the insane bleating of June Sarpong and imbecilic gurning of Vernon "What the hell is Tess Daly thinking letting this twat put his hands anywhere near her?" Kay. That Stargate.

So what type of game is SSG-1:TA (or "Sue-gita" for short)? It doesn't take an Einstein to realise that we're talking about a first-person shooter here. But what exactly is it that promises to raise Stargate SG-1 above the ranks of all the other two-bit TV show cash-ins?


For a start, it seems as though Perception has put a lot of thought into the structure of things. "It's a first-person shooter with a strong team aspect," explains Radek Majder, project manager on the game matter-of-factly. "There are many different and visually stunning worlds to explore, some based on episodes from the show as well as some new ones. We've also incorporated the humour and wit of the series combined with a strong story. You'll be able to draw upon the SG-1 team members' special combat abilities or employ them directly when playing that particular character."

One very basic example is O'Neill's ability to order the use of the "Hand of Light" device to confuse and hurt enemies, thus allowing you to make more interesting gameplay choices.

"There are many different types of objectives in each mission," continues Majder. "We have several types including a 'Foothold' situation at Stargate Command, where the base is overrun and you have to retake it. Others involve infiltrating one of Anubis's bases, and then of course we have the Haaken [see below]. Making missions challenging and new is an ongoing task for us."

Frankly the thought of being able to walk around the SGC (Stargate Command), push the buttons on the dial-up console while saying "seventh chevron encoded," open and close the Iris and sit in General Hammond's (as was) chair fills me with the kind of giddy excitement that is usually reserved for six-year olds on Christmas morn. Ahem.

OK, I'm a fan. Guilty as charged, your honour. This next section is going to describe the plot of the game (as much as Perception has revealed at least) and detail the various fanboy features included to keep raving maniacs like myself happy. Those of you with a more well-adjusted outlook on their television viewing habits might want to skip ahead.


The Alliance is set just before the penultimate episode of season eight ("Threads"), following the attack of the Replicators on the Goa'uld. Über-Goa'uld enemy Anubis is back in the picture, having discovered and unleashed an ancient race of aliens called The Haaken. "We've really crafted a storyline that's up to date with where the series is at - one that taps in to many of the major themes set up in the show over the years - and added the layer of the Haaken," says Majder. "We have SG-1, Anubis, the Tok'Ra, the Re'tou, the Replicators, the Ancients - Oma and Shifu in particular - and the Haaken. It's a storyline that fans of the show will love, but if you're completely new to Stargate, you'll be able to pick it up and follow along."

One of the most important factors for Stargate fans, certainly one of the elements that's made the show the huge international success that it is, is the extremely high level of plotting and scripting. Perception is acutely aware of this and to that end has been working closely with the show's cast and crew to get the attention to detail spot on.

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