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Earth 2160 pictures - in a picture

New screenshots from Reality Pumps' RTS sequel show off 'Picture in Picture' mode

Earth 2160's 'Picture in Picture' mode is essentially an extension of the classic RTS mini map. Player's of Reality Pumps' sci-fi sequel will, in a nutshell, be able to keep eyes on two areas of a battlefield thanks to a mini window in the main view displaying a second location on a map. Obviously the idea is that it helps commanders formulate better strategies and attack plans and maintain good observation of off-screen forces.

Check out the screenshots on this page for the latest visuals.

In Reality Pumps' Earth 2160, Earth has actually fried to a crisp after wandering too close to the sun and the human race has upped anchor, terraformed Mars and set up home on the Red Planet. Inevitably war breaks out, and even more inevitably a mysterious alien race is caught up in the conflict and starts dishing it out. OK, all a bit run-of-the mill in the plot department, but the game does look promising.


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