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Will of Steel

Leaving aside the War on Terror propaganda that Will Of Steel seems happy to perpetuate, there's only one fundamental difference between this and C&C: Generals or Act ?Of War, and that's the voice-operated command system.

Coming with a cheap 'free' headset, the game enables you to control your units by barking orders at them. Sounds very cool, but in reality the process is over-complicated, unreliable and, as a consequence, unnecessary. Good news then that voice control can be deactivated.

Away from the gimmick and onto the game itself, you'll be similarly underwhelmed. The graphics look pretty good - the deserts being suitably sandy and the units models all feature impressive details - but the gameplay is suspect to say the least. Soldiers often get stuck at the edges of the map, vehicles seem to have a mind of their own, whilst en masse, units seem to overrun where you tell them to go. In terms of path-finding, we're hard-pressed to name a game as inept as this. Tactically, you're hindered further by there being seemingly navigable areas of the map cut off from infantry units.


It's all very well having a game that does away with resource-management, but as a pay-off we'd like greater control of our units rather than less. While the game boasts an impressive array of hardware, you're sadly only allowed to play as the forces of the 'right and just' in a linear two-pronged campaign that starts with the US-led invasion of Afghanistan and finishes in Iraq. No skirmish or multiplayer options are available either, but you do get a headset - which would arguably last longer anyway...

The verdict

Voice of treason

GMX Media
Sim / Strategy