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What the Flux? Chalize Theron to star in game

Hollywood ultra-fox signs up to lend her likeness and voice to Majesco's Aeon Flux

When we heard Majesco's new third-person stealther Aeon Flux will feature the likeness and voice of Charlize Theron, several parts our our body pricked up.

Theron, as you'll no doubt be aware, is so beautiful that it actually hurts, and will be starring in the lead role of both the Aeon Flux game and the MTV-produced movie of the same name. Both are, in turn, inspired by an old MTV animated series focusing on the silently saucy antics of a catsuited female spy as she spies on stuff 400 years into the future.

With all this shapely ladyflesh and skintight gear on offer it's no surprise that BloodRayne developer Terminal Reality will be handling the videogame version of Aeon Flux. PS2 and Xbox versions are scheduled for release this autumn to coincide with the release of the movie, which also stars Frances McDormand and Jonny Lee Miller.

Gameplay details are thin on the ground, but given Terminal Reality's track record we're expecting over-the-top acrobatic combat and a healthy dose of slinky stealth, all stuffed into a tight, third-person bodyglove.

Majesco president Jesse Sutton is pretty chuffed at securing Theron's services. "By including the voice talent and likeness of Charlize Theron, we hope to provide consumers with a product that seamlessly fits within the world of Aeon Flux."

And presumably shift a few copies to easily aroused gamers, too.