World exclusive: Molyneux reveals Project Dimitri...

Lionhead overlord speaks about Dimitri for the first time...

You've got to love Peter Molyneux, not only for the games he makes, but the ambition and vision he brings to the industry as a whole.

During the course of a very agreeable interview yesterday in which we discussed latest project The Movies (more on that later in the week), Molyneux revealed to C&VG the very first details on Lionhead's newest outing Project Dimitri.

Nothing has previously been known about the game, other than a mysterious logo which appeared on the official Lionhead site, but wrapping up the interview, Molyneux was clearly in the mood to unburden, much to the horror of his PR staff.

Concluding our talk with: "We're doing lots of Fable stuff at the moment, lots of Black & White 2 stuff, lots of Movies stuff ...and we've also got this project called Dimitri, which I can now give you a tiny bit more detail on."

"I can tell you what the game's about ...would you like to know what the game's about?" Of course we would...

"It's a game about [pause for dramatic drum roll] It allows anyone who plays the game to relive their life, their entire individual life. That's a pretty ambitious concept." While our jaw dropped to the floor, Lionhead PR hastily intervened with the effect of a virtual gagging order.

So there we have it, first details on Dimitri and obviously you can't say the concept lacks ambition. If we have to speculate further we'd probably say it would be at least a PC title given Lionhead's development preferences, and given production timescales if it did appear on console, it would now have to be next generation, probably Xbox 2.

But that's all we know for the moment. Dimitri a game which lets you relive your entire life. Now just how is that going to work?