Lionhead announces its own Oscars...

Win Movies' awards, prizes and other groovy movie stuff...

The Movies, Lionhead's forthcoming game of running your own studio and making your own movies, is set to feature a real-life series of awards and rewards, as players get a chance to see how their own home movie-making matches up to their big screen counterparts'.

Lionhead plans to host The Movies' movies on its own servers (subject to a submittal process), and the best will have their work judged by real life movie makers, get a chance to win a Lionhead 'Oscar' (currently nicknamed a Stanley) and possibly even have their work entered into proper movie festivals like the Sundance.

As well as the actual game side of running your own studio, The Movies allows players to produce films in proprietary or Windows media formats through an advanced movie maker. Peter Molyneux contends it would be possible to do a complete scene-by-scene remake of Star Wars using this system - provided you had enough time or inclination.

However, more likely is that players will make their own shorter features, with the options to do an original script, choose your stars, pick your sets and camera angles and even add your own voiceover and sound effects. Lionhead intends to recognise deserving contenders by hosting these movies for critique by their peers and real-life movie makers.

"I'm sure some people will spend a huge amount of time on their movies and make something which is a proper story and has proper dialogue and can be submitted to a film festival," said Lionhead head honcho Peter Molyneux. "I think its really important if we have this upload, that it's not only us judging [players' movies] but to have some famous people to judge it, some famous directors."

"Films will be judged by a panel. We're trying to get it so that the awards you get for that do actually mean something, which could mean things like being flown to America or going to movie premieres, that sort of thing."

Intriguing stuff and the Lionhead movie handling team and server capacity are alreay in place. Better get sharpening your scripting pencils and prepare to shout "action" for The Movies' PC debut which should be ready to start rolling, this autumn.