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Hell-raising new Xbox Doom 3 screens, movie

Take a last flick through the brochure before the full, grand tour of hell commences

European Xbox fanatics whose itchy trigger fingers have been desperate to blast Hell's forces back into the beyond in Doom 3 will shortly be able to realise their dream - the Xbox version of id Software's action-horror opus unleashes mayhem this Friday. But! Just before you embark on the grand tour and raise merry hell, ahem, we have a little something to whet your insatiable appetites in the shape of frightener-dripping new screenshots and footage.

For anyone not fully versed in all things Doom 3 on Xbox, the FPS deals with the unleashing of hellish forces on the Union Aerospace Corporation facility on Mars and your fight, as a marine caught up in the maelstrom, to destroy the demonic horde. The Xbox version boasts a unique co-op campaign and multiplayer over Xbox Live, and if you nab a Limited Collector's Edition you'll also get to romp through the original Ultimate Doom and Doom II in single-player and experience split-screen co-op or Deathmatch.


Doom 3 'White Light' movie (Xbox)
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