Full Spectrum Warrior 2 readies for battle...

British units, new features and additional firepower for FSW sequel

Full Spectrum Warrior 2, the sequel to Pandemic's acclaimed squad-based tactical shooter appears to be shaping up nicely and first details on the game have marched to the front, courtesy of the official US Xbox magazine.

They report that Full Spectrum Warrior 2 will feature both US and British fire teams (obviously some scope for new gameplay including friendly fire incidents there then) and gave an example mission with the warriors trying to capture an important bridge.

Just like the first game, special Charlie and Delta units will occasionally pop up to bolster your forces, with stuff like additional sniper firepower but new features for FSW 2 will include a combat effectiveness meter, to display the morale of your team. Apparently you'll also be able to divide Alpha and Bravo teams into smaller two man units for the first time as well.

Sounds intriguing and we hope that we'll possible get a first glimpse ourselves next month as Pandemic gear up at E3 for even more lashings of Full Spectrum goodness.