Nintendogs movies for you to paw at

DS pet-sim gets shown off in moving picture form

Puppies being stroked, caressed and generally loved in a wonderful way. No, we are not describing one of the WWE Diva's swimsuit videos, but rather a series of clips from the upcoming DS pet-sim, Nintendogs.

Here, you can view upon acts of affection and care toward canines, as made possible by the innovative use of the DS touch-screen. You can see a dog being walked and played with, among other things.

We recommend you point your browser this way for some hot Nintendogs action. Then look for the 'movie' link above each game box image.

We contacted Nintendo for a definite release date but received no comment at time of going to press. The game is currently scheduled for release this year though and we imagine more information will be made available around E3 time. More for you then.