Come in and we'll give you an eye Infection

Planet Moon Studios' Infected on PSP delivers more ocular death

From the team that brought you Giant: Citizan Kabuto comes another title that appears to allow a live-through fantasy of Dawn of the Dead, except this time on PSP.

Taking the opposite view that Blitz Games' next-gen title Possession chooses, players will take on the role of a New York cop who aims to stop the zombie legions and their virus from swallowing up the city.

If the screens offer any kind of clue, players will be able to choose from, or at least use for a limited time, a cast of characters, including one burnette female as shown in one of these lovely screens.


Skillful gameplay will also be rewarded with combo bonuses and we'd guess that the game will be best controlled with the analogue control button, which feels more like moving a small Smartie on a flat surface as opposed to a comfortable analogue control.

Anyway, we're going off point. Enjoy the screens.