Phantasy Star Universe shines on Europe

Sega confirms the Yuji Naka-guided sequel for these shores

We've received confirmation from Sega this afternoon that RPG sequel Phantasy Star Universe (revealed properly for the first time here) will be unleashed in Europe next spring on PC and PS2.

Currently in development at Sega under the guidance of Sonic The Hedgehog creator and Phantasy Star Online mastermind Yuji Naka, Phantasy Star Universe features a planet-spanning single-player adventure which is partnered by a significant multiplayer component.

In the single-player part of the game, the title's hero Ethan Waber, a 17-year old cadet living on a planet besieged by a mysterious life force know as THE SEED, is out to save his sister. 40-plus hours of gameplay are promised, along with an emotionally charged storyline beefed up by cut-scenes and strong character development and there's also the likes of dungeon exploration, major boss battles and player-controlled vehicles to look forward to.


Phantasy Star Universe's online mode allows adventurers to create their own characters and then explore the game's three planets that exist in the Grarl solar system. Hundreds of other players will be questing and fighting in the game world, and as you would expect you'll be able to team up with fellow adventurers and develop your character as play progresses.

Phantasy Star Universe will "offer a rich, constantly evolving world that will provide years of entertainment to fans of the series and RPG enthusiasts," says Sega.

Sega's sequel has also been confirmed for the US for spring 2006 on PC and PS2, and we expect we may well hear a lot more about this one at E3 next month. In the meantime, check out the new screenshot's we've uploaded to this page.