Consoles on the Battlefield: New Modern Combat shots

Here's what a smash-hit PC series squeezed into a console looks like

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few years you'll be well aware that EA's Battlefield series has gone down an absolute storm on PC thanks to its dash of multiplayer magic. Now the publisher is hoping that it can echo this success on console, with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat preparing to launch an offensive on PS2 and Xbox. New screenshots from Modern Combat have been released.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat drops players into single-player and multiplayer modern-day combat (with multiplayer supporting up to 24 people) and conflict in a middle-east setting. Staying true to the series, Modern Combat combines foot-soldier and vehicular combat, with 30-plus vehicles that can be commandeered. There's also over 50 state of the art weapons, so expect things to be a tad violent when it releases this autumn.