E3 debut for Devil May Cry on PSP?

Mini Dante expected to expose himself next month

Gossip on the 'net is stating that Japanese videogame press has revealed that Capcom will be showing Devil May Cry on PSP at E3 next month.

A pint-sized Dante strutting his stuff at the show? Personally, we wouldn't be at all surprised if this proves correct, although at this time such reports remain unconfirmed. A query on the gossip pushed in the direction of Capcom's UK office earlier netted zero result.

Devil May Cry producer Tsuyoshi Tanaka reconfirmed that the series is heading to Sony's handheld back in January this year, the PSP outing a revamped version of the third in the franchise and benefiting from new gameplay as well as an improved camera system to take advantage of the handheld's features.

All we can add at the moment is keep eyes peeled for potential fresh news soon.