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Nintendo gets its puppies out: New Nintendog's shots

Cute and fluffy screens from DS's endearing woof-'em-up

We love Nintendogs. Just being able to yell 'SIT!' at the Nintendo DS and watch in wonder as a little virtually puppy plops onto its behind makes our day complete. Aww, bless. Join us as we indulge in some cute and cuddly action as little dogs get up to all manner of tricks and japes in new screens from the barking mad videogame. Woof.

You'll note in the screenshots that you can adorn man's best friend with a little hat or brightly coloured flower if that's your thing, and if you're really, really sick - like even sicker than someone who wants to play dress-up with their puppy - try and stick a pointy red arrow up a mutt's ass. Or is that part of the game interface? And no, we have absolutely no idea what the helicopter's all about.