Tomb Raider: Legend - first in-game shots

New-look Lara whips them out - her guns, you perv - in screen debut

Eidos, as promised last week, has dished out Tomb Raider: Legend screenshots, which afford us our first in-game look at the sequel currently being knocked into shape at Crystal Dynamics.

Along with delivering the first in-game images, the publisher has also re-launched which now acts as a teaser website for Lara Croft's latest adventure. Head that way and you can fiddle around with a 3D screenshot - complete with zoom-in for extreme close ups - that give you a 360-degree view of the redesigned Lara and one of the game's nifty environments.


Eidos has yet to reveal details on Tomb Raider: Legend's plot, so far the publisher only discussing Lara Croft's new, fluid character model and animations, touching briefly on weapons and equipment to feature and saying that it's gone back to the series' roots in an effort to reinvigorate the franchise. Go here for more.