PSP gets Dead to Rights

Namco announces handheld version of its third-person man-'n'-mutt violence fest and bites us with new screens

They say a dog is a man's best friend, but we doubt there's any canine/human bond greater than that shared by Dead to Rights heroes Jack Slate and his mutt Shadow. Both hardboiled veterans of the mean streets of Grant City, Jack and Shadow like to shoot perps and chew thugs before settling down to a bit of tummy tickling and poop scooping.

Happily, this glorious cross-species relationship is coming to PSP, thanks to Namco's announcement that Dead to Rights: Reckoning will be hitting up Sony's handheld this summer. Fresh from their adventures on home console, Jack and Shadow will star in an all-new adventure designed especially for the PSP.


A high-profile supergrass has gone missing in Grant City on the eve of a crime lord's trial. He must be brought back if the case against the kingpin is not to collapse. Guess who's got to get into the depths of gang territory and fish them out?

All the usual high-impact, slow-motion, heavily armed third-person action we've come to expect from the console version will be stuffed into a UMD. Referencing Hollywood and Hong Kong action movies and games like Max Payne, Reckoning will also chuck in new weapons, new environments, and new versions of the series trademark lethal disarms (grabbing a thug's shotgun and turning it into his own belly anyone?).

PSP players will also get a wireless multiplayer mode as a unique bonus. It's the first time the series has offered competitive multiplayer matches and they should be sweet - as long as all the dogs don't start sniffing each other's arses.

Dead To Rights Reckoning is due on PSP this summer. The new PS2 and Xbox version of Dead to Rights is also due this summer.