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THQ reanimates Evil Dead

Ash is back for more ultra-violent action in Evil Dead Regeneration on PS2, Xbox and PC

Evil Dead is shuffling back onto the videogame scene in Evil Dead Regeneration, THQ announcing the return of unluckiest bloke on the planet Ash in a new action-adventure that's chainsawing its way into PS2, Xbox and PC this summer.

Evil Dead Regeneration developer Cranky Pants Games promises that this'll be the "ultimate Evil Dead experience" - we suppose we ought to say 'groovy' - with the plot of the game a 'what if?' scenario spinning off of Sam Raimi's classic, tongue-in-cheek Evil Dead 2 horror movie.

Bruce Campbell returns to voice Ash - if you weren't aware, Campbell played Ash in the Evil Dead movies - who finds himself incarcerated in the Sunny Meadows institute for the criminally insane after being convicted for the murders at the remote cabin in Evil Dead 2 which were sparked off by the discovery of the Necronomicon - the Book of the Dead.

Hell quite literally breaks loose in the institute when Ash's psychiatrist, Dr. Reinhard - who is "Hell-bent on using science to harness the Necronomicon's powers" - unleashes the evil of the Necronomicon. Idiot. Armed presumably with his trademark chainsaw and no doubt other blood-spattering weapons, Ash has to face down "Deadites, monsters and spirits, twisting reality into a hellish strudel [it had better have apples in it] and leaving mankind with that not-so-fresh apocalyptic feeling."

"I've come to understand that there is only one person in this world fit for this kind of work," said Ash, part-time S-Mart manager, full-time fox. "And that's me. Not because of my knack to get things right, most of the time, but because I can slice and dice evil better than a knife sold on any late-night infomercial. Maybe it's partially to the fact that I've replaced one of my hands with a chainsaw, but I digress."

David Bollesen, general manager, Cranky Pants Games, adds: "It's our goal to create the spiritual successor of Evil Dead 2, one of the seminal action films ever, in pop-culture," said. "Having Bruce Campbell on board, providing creative direction and embracing new ideas we've injected into their universe is critical, and their enthusiasm continues to drive us to deliver the ultimate Evil Dead experience."