Be king of the ring with our WrestleMania 21 competition!

Win copies of THQ's sweaty grappler and exclusive tickets to WWE Presents SmackDown! at the NEC in Birmingham!

It's a good time to be a UK wrestling fan. No, Giant Haystacks hasn't made a glorious return from the afterlife - it's much bigger than that. THQ is about to release WrestleMania 21 on Xbox, the most advanced and innovative wrestling game yet seen on console, and we've hooked up with THQ to offer you the chance to scoop a copy!

WrestleMania 21 gives you the ultimate chance to create your own Superstar and take him to the heights of the WWE Heavyweight Championship. The most advanced customisation options ever, motion-captured wrestlers, a new move reversal system and hardcore Xbox Live options means WM21 will hit like a Batista Bomb.


But hold on - there's even more for UK wrestling fans to get their spandex sweaty about: The WWE is about to embark on its biggest tour of Great Britain ever. For two glorious, baby oil-scented months all your favourite Superstars from both RAW and SmackDown! will invade the UK, playing venues from Aberdeen to London.

Tickets are already scarcer than a G-string strap in Trish Stratus' arse crack but we've teamed up with THQ to offer two lucky readers the chance to win tickets for them and one mate to watch WWE Presents SmackDown! at the NEC in Birmingham on Tuesday April 26!

It's a once in a lifetime chance to scream like a mentalist at ludicrously ripped men pounding each other in the ring. More importantly, the WWE's Divas will be flashing the flesh and the whole shebang will be televised live around the world - so if you win make sure you've got a bloody big sign with your name on it!

So that's two pairs of tickets to WWE Presents SmackDown! Live and televised at the Birmingham NEC on Tuesday April 26 and four copies of THQ's WrestleMania 21 for Xbox to go with.

And all you have to do to win this unbelievable prize is answer the following question before midnight on Wednesday April 20. EEEE-ZAY! EEEE-ZAY! EEEE-ZAY!