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Quake IV: first screen and fresh details...

id's anti-Strogg blaster erupts all over again and this time's carnage

id Software has unleashed the first screen and details on its next monster first-person shooter Quake IV, under development at Raven Software.

The wraps have been well and truly kept on for Quake IV, with only our sister mag PC Zone able to get even the most fleeting of goods on the game (and an unholy embargo written in the still warm blood of an Activision PR, preventing us from sharing them with you earlier this year).

However id has now revealed that the title will be a direct follow on to Quake II, with you stepping into the combat boots of Matthew Kane, a member of the elite Rhino squad and part of Earth's next invasion wave of the Strogg homeworld.


For those of you who can remember all those aeons ago back to the end of Quake II, you played the lone marine who infiltrated the Strogg homeworld, ripped apart their planetary defences and defeated the Makron, their leader and keeper of the collective brain.

Well despite the Makron's fall, the Strogg haven't been fully defeated. As Kane, this time you'll be fighting alongside fellow marines as well as employing a fearsome new arsenal of weapons and even vehicles to end the Strogg menace once and for all.

Sounds absolutely marvellous and id's first screenshot, unleashed above, shows Quake IV in all its cybernetic glory with a heavily mutated and er, cybernated marine who'll presumably form one of the grunt Strogg warriors you'll encounter.

We have to say we have marvellous memories of Quake II, with not only the single-player game being absolutely fantastic, but the multiplayer component being one of the most finely balanced and explosive experiences ever.

We actually brought you exclusive news that Quake IV should be one of the first Xbox 2 launch titles, and if that's the case, it'll be double your fun and double your pleasure, especially if they can get it up to speed on Live. Indeed we're promised a sneak peek of Quake IV's credentials at this year's Quakecon in August.

We may discover more on Quake IV in just over a month's time at the annual industry jamboree which is E3, so we'll be keeping 'em peeled on your behalf for more Quake IV goodness there. In the meantime enjoy - and dream of the carnage to come!