Juiced website turns the ignition

THQ launches polished web address for its upcoming street racer with the promise of hot community support in the future

Need for Speed, Midnight Club 3, Juiced... it's street racer gridlock at the moment. At least THQ's Juiced, rescued and souped up since its troubled past at Acclaim, is bringing something new to the tarmac with a community based structure and intense online pink slip racing.

You can get a taste for Juiced's flavour on the game's newly launched website. Alongside huge pictures of unbelievably dayglo motors and movies of them going extremely fast you'll find info about the game and tunes from the soundtrack.

A related Juiced community website has yet to go live but THQ promise forums for arranging online events, dissing the bloke whose car you've just nicked, and managing your car clubs. Streaming statistics will also be available so you'll also know how your street racing skills rack up.

Juiced is set to roll out of the garage on May 13, with PS2, Xbox and PC models available.

Check out the Juiced website here and keep your eyes peeled for more nitrous-fuelled coverage here on CVG.