Operation Flashpoint 2 sparks off at E3

Free-roaming war veteran set to earn its stripes in LA, according to dev team

Operation Flashpoint 2 will break cover at next month's E3, according to the Czech development team currently working on the title.

"We will be in attendance at E3 where we intend to announce our release plans for 2005 and beyond," said Bohemia's Paul Statham. "We will also reveal further details about the games we're currently working on."

Those games are Operation Flashpoint 2, sequel to 2001's awesome free-roaming FPS, and Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis, the oft-delayed Xbox port of the original.

The news will come as music to the ears of Flashpoint fans starved of new info since Bohemia announced the sequel would be delayed until next year. With publisher Codemasters deciding not to make a public appearance at the show there were worries that Flashpoint 2 would stay under wraps even longer.

Originally scheduled for release at the end of last year, Flashpoint 2 has suffered long delays during its development and will now hit shelves in 2006 - well behind EA's Battlefield 2. Similarly, the Xbox version was due last autumn and has failed to appear.

But Bohemia thanked its fans for waiting. "We greatly appreciate the support and loyalty that the Flashpoint community has shown to us over the years and thank you for your continuing anticipation, support and patience."

We'll bring you the latest on Flashpoint 2 and Cold War Crisis - and any other new games in development at Bohemia - direct from the show.