Scoop signed SVC Chaos artwork AND copies of the game!

Rare? This gear is positively priceless! SNK artwork signed by Falcoon up for grabs as well as copies of SVC Chaos

When it comes to 2D beat 'em ups they don't come much more hardcore than SNK's SVC Chaos on Xbox, a 2D mash-up of all the greatest King of Fighters and Street Fighter 2 brawlers in the ultimate score-settling scrapper.

In true 2D fighting style SVC Chaos rewards skill and strategy rather than brainless button-bashing. It's truly hardcore, and we've got a prize to match it.

Courtesy of Ignition, one lucky reader will scoop two ultra-rare and unbelievably unique collector's edition artwork prints, signed by the original artist Falcoon - as well as a copy of SVC Chaos on Xbox.


If you know anything about 2D scrappers you'll know that Falcoon is an absolute legend in the genre, creating some of the coolest characters ever to bless a videogame screen.

Not only are these prints extremely cool, they're also rarer than a polar bear with a suntan. This is the first time in a decade SNK has released artwork like this, and Falcoon's signature means that this prize could be priceless to a collector.

As if that wasn't enough we've also got four copies of SVC Chaos on Xbox to give away to runners-up.

Don't hesitate, because this ultra-rare prize won't stick around forever - bust out a killer combo on the question below now!