Black Hawk Down PS2 screen bonanza

Fresh images from the new Delta Force PS2 warrior

PS2 owners willing to serve in war-torn Somalia have had to look enviously at their PC and Xbox counterparts up until now, as NovaLogic's Delta Force - Black Hawk Down series has only appeared on those two platforms.

Under development at Oxford-based Rebellion studios, Black Hawk Down on PS2 may be coming to the party late, but it's got a host of new features which should have PS2 owners signing up to serve, including rag doll physics, in-game cut scenes and realistic bullet penetration. There's also some splendid multiplayer action in prospect with up to 32 players able to compete in online battles across 25 different maps.


With missions developed in conjunction with Special Forces personnel who were involved in the actual Operation Restore Hope and Task Force Ranger missions in Somalia, it should certainly have an authentic feel. This also appears to be a game with a conscience, with some of the proceeds from each PS2 sale going toward the Special Operations Warrior Foundation which provides scholarships, financial aid and educational counselling to the children of Special Ops personnel killed in missions or training.

Expect Black Hawk Down on PS2 to be storming onto shelves shortly.