European Assault screen drop

EA's next Medal of Honor game on console shoots to kill

EA's latest console Medal of Honor instalment European Assault drops players into combat in Europe in 1942 as US Army Lieutenant William Holt. Picked by hand no less by William "Wild Bill" Donovan to be the first field agent of the newly formed Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Holt is out to shove a spanner in the works of the Nazi war machine. Ooh, suffered a brief moment of déjà vu there.

In an effort to move the series forward, EA is introducing three key new features in European Assault. Open Battlefield addresses the linear nature of previous MoH titles and adds a 'free roaming' aspect to levels, a simple command system allows players to issue orders to squad members and finally pull of enough heroic acts and you enter into Adrenaline Mode which gives you invulnerability for a limited period of time.


For more in-depth coverage of Medal of Honor: European Assault, check back tomorrow when we'll have an interview with the executive producer on the game. In the meantime, pass mince pies over new screens uploaded to this here page. Screenshots are from the GameCube version, but expect PS2 and Xbox outings to look similar.