Heroes of the Pacific waggles joysticks

Chocks-away! Codemasters announces WWII flight combat game for PC, Xbox and PS2

Well, here we go back to the Pacific Theatre of World War II, this time jammed into cockpits and gunner positions as battle ensues in the skies in Heroes of the Pacific. Action-focussed and developed by Australian outfit IRGurus, the title features 35 aircraft of the period and oodles of dogfighting.

Kicking of with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Heroes of the Pacific 's storyline then continues to relate several key encounters in the U.S. Navy's campaign in the Pacific. 26 missions take us through famous confrontations in such locations as Midway Island, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal.

Heroes of the Pacific features split-screen multiplayer as well as online multiplayer battles for up to eight players across all formats too and additionally includes LAN play on PC.

Codemasters will publish the game in September this year.