Rainbow Six: Lockdown slip possible

Potential further delay for the tactical shooter on console looms; PC version ominously absent from latest release listing

A recent financial report issued by Ubisoft points to potential further delay for its tactical shooter sequel Rainbow Six: Lockdown on console. Already pushed back previously, the game was expected at the beginning of July but with Xbox, PS2 and GameCube iterations now listed as appearing between July and September 2005 (the publisher's second quarter in its current financial year), concerns have arisen that the title will slip again.

Absence of the PC version of Rainbow Six: Lockdown in the listing in Ubisoft's financial report has naturally sparked speculation that it's been canned. Ubisoft's UK arm could neither confirm or deny anything on the current status of Rainbow Six: Lockdown on PC, but considering the publisher's recent decision to cancel Ghost Recon 2 on PC and shift focus on follow-up Ghost Recon 3, we wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that Team Rainbow's latest mission will end up being be console-only.