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Scarface slips, next-gen versions coming

Say goodbye to your leetle friend - at least until 2006, when Tony will be back with next-gen versions

The videogame adaptation of classic gangster flick Scarface has been delayed to next year so that it can be ported to next-gen consoles, Vivendi revealed today.

Speaking at a presentation of the game in London earlier, Adam Roberts, Vivendi's managing director for Northern Europe said "Scarface will now be available in the first half of 2006 so we can concentrate on next-gen consoles. This will be our biggest game launch ever so we think it's best to wait and make sure we get it right."

Quoting one of Pacino's legendary lines from the movie, Roberts quipped: "Be cool. If you're important, people will wait."

The game, which puts players in the snakeskin loafers of Cuban drug lord Tony Montana after he escapes the movie's climax, was originally scheduled for release on PS2, Xbox and PC this autumn.

Specific next-gen formats were not mentioned. When we quizzed the Scarface's lead game designer Mike Lopez at Radical Entertainment he told us: "We're definitely looking at next-gen, but I can't specify platforms or timings. It won't necessarily be every platform."

Further digging at the event revealed that an Xbox 2 version would definitely be on the cards. Expect the full announcement to be made at next month's E3.

Keep it for the full in-depth interview with Mike Lopez and our revised impressions of Scarface, coming soon. We also snatched a chat with Vlad Ceraldi, producer of The Incredbile Hulk: Ultimate Destruction - keep 'em peeled for the latest on this hard-hitting superhero romp.