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There's not a huge amount of maps on offer, though they do include your generic close-quarters corridors versus open base-based plains. Nope, what really rocked our world was the innovative and impressive map-making feature. Incredible in detail, players are presented with more options than a mid-'90s dotcom investor (see Move Any Mountain, page 064). Once again, Pariah's easy and intuitive controls make this an absolute cinch. Creating a map of this complexity and taking it online against Friends is a huge leap forward in the world of Xbox Live and should be absolutely incredible. It even manages to put the excellent map-maker of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect to shame.


So what's not to love about this lonesome blaster? Well the lack of an instant save feature may irk some gamers out there, and often it's a punishing, repetitive slog from the previous checkpoint should you inadvertently bite the bullet midway through a level.

That said, the game is disappointingly short; we were more than a tad dismayed to finally get our greedy mitts on the fabled (and absolutely terrifying) Titan's Fist weapon, only to use it for a final, short level. We can't help wonder, either, at Mason's curious ability to take a rocket squarely in the face, yet die if he falls off of anything over four-feet high. The big wuss.

But factor in all its innovations, and Pariah is a game that's greater than the sum of its parts. The single-player campaign, though over too quickly, is immensely enjoyable, and the relentless action never becomes monotonous thanks to the brilliant array of weapons. Multiplayer is a riot, and a massively deep mapmaker to get to grips with compensates for the apparent lack of game options and environments. Stir these together, and we've got the perfect remedy for FPS fever that not even a spoonful of sugar could help taste any sweeter.

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