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Black Hawk Down crashes onto Xbox - new footage

Single-player, split-screen multiplayer and 50-player Xbox Live mayhem on show!

NovaLogic's Delta Force: Black Hawk Down on Xbox is bound to offer a solid, single-player first-person shooter experience, but it's the fact the game will support 50-player online bouts on Xbox Live that's really caused ears to prick up in interest. Although such numbers and beyond have become commonplace in the PC FPS world, this is first time Xbox fans will get to experience multiplayer warfare on such a large scale. New game footage shows Xbox Live multiplayer in action - and single-player and split-screen multiplayer as well.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down's single-player campaign is of course based on and around Operation Restore Hope, the US Army's ill-fated incursion into Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993 when it attempted to suppress rebel warlords. In the game, players fight alongside Delta Force and US Army Rangers and execute daring raids against these Somali warlords in and around Mogadishu - surprisingly enough. Enjoy the movie.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down movie (Xbox)
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